It displays all of the important information to sellers including the sale and earning chart, latest orders, reviews, invoices and messages as well as the top viewed and selling products. Features to help you sell more The purpose of your marketplace is to sell — MultiMerch features are created with this in mind. Used MultiMerch for a digital software marketplace and absolutely love it. The perfect software for my business. Purchase from multiple sellers at once Your customers can purchase products from different sellers in a single order.

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All questions and answers are then publicly displayed on product pages. Sellers can create their own discount coupons and share them with their customers during discount campaigns.

Based on 1 user multimerch. MultiMerch multimerch a concept of seller groups, which makes it possible to group sellers and assign specific properties to all sellers belonging to the same group.

Their ongoing support has been essential to my success and they don’t nickel and dime you on anything.

Multimerch offers a one-time payment package with all the essential multimerch already out of the box, compared with other places multimerch we would have to pay for any small additional feature. Sellers can view and pay their invoices by visiting the Invoices section. Great working with you. Troubleshooting Multimerch has a Debug page to help you out if something doesn’t work as expected. All of our source code is open, documented and fun to work with.


Downloading and preparing MultiMerch files Depending on which version of MultiMerch you’ll be multimerch, you need to download the MultiMerch archive in a multimerch file from your account on MultiMerch website or Multimerch Marketplace.

MultiMerch also offers a setting to enable manual validation moderation of new seller accounts — in this case, newly created accounts will be inactive until approved by the administration. Browsing seller profiles List of sellers MultiMerch displays all seller profiles on the Seller list page, which allows customers to browse through all seller profiles in the marketplace.

Multimerch lets multimerch organize their products into their own categories within their stores while also displaying them in your main marketplace categories.

Powerful marketplace management From multimerch catalog and seller accounts to orders and customer feedback — the marketplace is yours. Reports Your sellers have access to 6 different reports in their Reports section: MultiMerch lets sellers receive and process orders — and make sure the customer is happy with the experience.

Clean and open source code Tired of bad code? First, they fill out the basic multimerch details and create their login credentials. Depending on your marketplace settings, your sellers will have access to one or all of the following account sections: MultiMerch comes with a private messaging system that lets customers, sellers and marketplace administrators communicate with each other without leaving the marketplace.

Multi vendor marketplaces also called two-sidedpeer-to-peer or just online marketplaces are online stores where: MultiMerch Multimerch Recently Reviewed! If the question feature is enabled in MultiMerch, customers can ask sellers questions about their products.


You can use Stripe Connect and PayPal Adaptive to instantly process customer payments, vendor subscriptions and marketplace fees. Sign in with LinkedIn. multimerch

Sellers in MultiMerch

Platforms Web App Windows Macintosh. MultiMerch requires at least PHP 5. After testing several solutions we decided to go with Multimerch since their coding standards and multimerchh are like no other competing software we reviewed. Downloading the files For a complete MultiMerch marketplace setup from scratch, multimerch need the following files: This includes address multimfrch invoicing settings, payment methods and combined shipping configuration.

The Settings area lets multimerch configure various properties of their accounts that are multimerch related to their profiles. We may call you to verify the details.

MultiMerch Reviews and Pricing –

It also means that while sellers can style their profiles and stores with custom avatars and multimerch, they will multimerch still be using the main theme of your marketplace so their stores muktimerch look out of place. We are updating soon Q. Please include this data when submitting MultiMerch support requests.

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