The Ambient Transaction 7. The root system can also keep track of service instance locations ala DNS style registrations and lookups within the system and provide policy for such. Steven Yampolsky rated it liked it Mar 14, Callbacks and UI Synchronization Context 8. I believe the IDesign WCF Master Class is one of the few ways to get over the hump and start moving towards being a disciplined professional. Reading throttled values 4. Per-Session Transactional Service 7.

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Books by Juval Lowy. Be prepared for 5 very tough but fascinating days where you will dig into the secrets of WCF. Explicit Transaction Programming 7. Multiple Callbacks with ConcurrencyMode.

Sign in juval lowy wcf subscribe An error occurred, please try again later Close. Working with Channels 1. Description Ready for a radical idea? Voting and Completion 7. I wonder if having a wcf service for “int” helps us solve that other problem on the horizon, moore’s law? Advanced hosting features 1. Operations and Calls C.


Programming WCF Services, 4th Edition

E vent publishing and subscription. Configuring business-to-business service The Metadata Exchange Endpoint 1. Transaction Manager Promotion 7. Olivier Rouit Architect Gemplus. Reading it for the second time now; I should have taken the certification exam while I had a WCF project Thank IDesign for the opportunity to attend such an excellent class!!

Programming WCF Services, 2nd Edition [Book]

Using a new transaction 9. Configuration and Setup 9.

Good reference book for WCF programming. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Programmatic Versus Administrative Configuration 1. Unsecuring the Bindings David rated it really liked it Jun 02, T he relay bindings. After explaining the advantages of service-orientation for application design and teaching the basics of how to develop SOAs using WCF, the book shows how you can take advantage of built-in features juval lowy wcf as service hosting, instance management, asynchronous calls, synchronization, reliability, transaction management, disconnected queued calls and security to build best in class applications.

There are few people who understand it like he does and I sat down for a quick chat with Juval at the Tech-Ed Fishbowl in Orlando to see what his radical ideas were. Callback, Ports, and Channels 5. Tom Kent Software Engineer Netflix Just like most of you I have become accustomed with the high juval lowy wcf of Juval Lowy’s body of work articles, books over the years. After reading this book you will be very fluent in wcf. Single Callbacks with ConcurrencyMode.


UI access and updates 8. CodeFuller rated it really liked it Juval lowy wcf 15, The two-phase commit protocol 7. The security chapter goes on for pages and is divided into sections on different scenarios that are difficult to tell apart. Use built-in features such as service hosting, instance management, concurrency management, transactions, disconnected queued calls, and security.

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