Donchi Kubeba will definately become a government policy if ever PFcame into power. Which is to lead and inspire the general citizenship to doing what is right and work had to achieve the desired national output. You are just exposing what you and your indoctrinated fellows embraced. When were the elections to choose the leaders in PF held? In all honesty its a controversial and rather useless at the same time slogan for a political Party. You mean 10 year he could not see wrongs?

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How does the editor even allow such subjective,narrow minded half baked article to be published?

Zambia : The Evil Behind “DONCHI KUBEBA”

Its donchi kubaba fyee. Dont Kubeba is synonymous to corruption. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! Not Chwe chwe or chwela 0.

Thank you for sharing this nice site. Dandy says the movie is talking about the lifestyle of the once notorious copper criminals, who have since left that lifestyle and now are leading donchi kubeba normal life and contributing positively to society through music. Is getting material items from a party that you do not support evil? The Chintelelwe singer lamented the sales of his last project which he says only benefited the distribution company and not him hence the decision not to use them for his CDs saying only the tapes maybe under Supershine.

When Giving Life Ends in Death: Donchi kubeba for the PF, this donchi kubeba slogan will cost them much of the student vote and the so called intellectual vote mainly comprised of people who analyze and look donchi kubeba issues critically.


Donchi Kubeba – Dandy Krazy

A look at this Zyambo boy article exmplifies this fact. Your analysis reflects how stupid and weird you are. The only thing I would urge all my fellow Zambians is that we should vote wisely fully concious of the futures safety. In all honesty its a controversial and rather useless at donchi kubeba same time slogan for a political Party 0.

King Dandy at Donchi Kubeba! – Zambia Daily Mail

I think the author of this article has taken leave of his brain and his the one possessed by evil or demonic thoughts. Donci grow up and write things like a responsible citizen man.

It shows also donchi kubeba you are shallow in thinking and cannot change. But ba LT why do you keep on using this same picture on PF? By calling others evil, we are saying that we are holier than them and that is where the paradoxity lies. Dandy said the PF leader is using the slogan on his own and that the singer has nothing to do with him.

Fellow youths let us preserve how dignity and principles and not allow others to easily destruct us from the good of xonchi nation. VIVA 24 To hell with thier theories. We publish news and donchii ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and donchi kubeba.


We respect the authors opinion but elections are only 13 days away and by then we will have chosen a leader. Ba LT,please be serious with the articles donchi kubeba publish especially the way they are written. The whole world is checking your website!!!!!!!

King Dandy at 40: Donchi Kubeba!

Donchi Kubeba will definately become a government policy if ever PFcame into power. Keep your ignorance to yourself. Every clean person can not agree to such a slogan 0.

No man, no law, no war shall stop PF.

He said the movie is still being edited but people can see the traitors on the site. I think it is donchi kubeba slogan used to play around with a political party opponents who think they have alot of members without thinking that some of those people on their rallies are not their members. Just like Mpombo, Masebo and Mulongoti, whenever these guys are disadvantaged they become starrs of PF.

Only a dirt minded person can have such stupid imaginations donchi kubeba the slogan to all those evils. A clean man with clean agenda has nothing to hide. Come on Zambians, Talk to him and us intellectually.

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