The Jam – In the City. Nei ngoh gai juk gai juk tiu mo Leung goh san kui gam ying dak do Nei hon ngoh yi ngoh yik yau so Hoi sam ying goi chan jo gung nei doh jun ye yue mo. Thin Lizzy – Bad Reputation. Light the beat just keep on stomping Every night we keep on rocking Through the mind we’re para gilding Just one life just keep on flying Day and night my minds restoring All the time its freedom calling Simple mind life needs installing Higher self my minds recalling. Coldcut – Sound Mirrors. Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish.

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24Herbs Song Lyrics

Pichit Paiboon – Tuanjai. Yiming Gou – Mongolian Dream. New Navy – Oceans. Oh yeah My spirit’s high in the milky way Timeless mind going through stargates The beat carry inow into another world Venus demilo now is my special girl She’s standing on a sea shell porcelain set So flush she’s so wet yo showered in moet And her vibe don’t quit so I can’t forget She like “rap me a song I like street poets” Yeah.

Steely Dan – Reelin’ in the Years. Celestial – Shanghai Nights. Thin Lizzy – Bad Reputation. Gin do nei yat hak gam gok jau faai yau hak Boon loi jui nui jai do yau sam dak Yi ga fong fan ng ji gong mat Sau sam yau 24hherbs goh sam yau gap Nei tiu mo tiu do san sap Naam si moon wai nei jaang jap Gai juk tiu mo ngoh yuen yi jo nei sui pou Nei pooi hap ngoh ngoh pooi hap nei gei mo bo.


Yiming Xie – Beijing Rock. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8.

Sleeping Dogs (Game) – 24Herbs, Do you Know Me & No Brothers

Machine Head – Locust. Hui joh hui yau jeung san tai yung yap ne goh jit jau Mo yan wooi pa 24herbss hai yam jui ji hau Yue gwoh gok dak yit jik goon gaai hoi nau kau Dung jok hoi chi yau dik tiu dau Geuk bo hoi chi ho chi yau dik piu fau Ngoh daai daam yiu kau nei dui chim chim yuk sau. Coldcut – Sound Mirrors.

Want to add to the discussion? Bonobo – The 24hebrs. Jay Price – Art of Xen. No Rumors, Speculation or False Information Rumors without sources and threads with misleading titles are not allowed.

Strange Talk – Climbing Kno. Hey Come on in Don’t be late for the show now We’re outta space We’re gonna go with the flow now Yeah. The Budos Band – Ride or Die. Ritchie Lo – On Buddha’s Land.

【MP3+OGG】Sleeping Dogs – Soundtrack’s Collection

Tony Tam – Hong Kong Nights. Works in progress, “rapper-type” beats and beats for rappers posts are not allowed.


Ritchie Lo – Lhasa Groove. Gem and the Deadheads – Automatic Response demo. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. White Rabbits – Temporary. Additionally, comments deemed 24erbs racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

She like my vibe yeh I like her vibe too I like her vibe yeh And she 24herbs do you know me my vibe too She gonna ride cause she like to ride too We have tonight yeh Let’s party through the roof. Submit a new link. Log in or sign up in seconds. D Won – Add Oil. Mabel Ki – Moonlight Song. Tony Tam – Hard Life. Posts deemed intentionally misleading may result in a lengthy 2-week to 1-month or permanent bans.

Nei ngoh gai juk gai juk tiu mo Ngaan lui sim gwong jeung ngoh sing go Knlw bo yi tim siu loi hung so Bat ying yat booi jui do wai ng ye yi hau jai jo Nei ngoh gai juk gai juk tiu mo Hei paai juk 24herrbs ging je moh ho Jung yau mei maau gang si o no Jam moh sue kap nei ho gung nei doh jun ye yue mo.

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