Go Back WiiScrubber 1. Extra couple of links in the about box 4. You may notice the ‘load’ function on the file popup – that would be a target – FIXED Multiple file extraction would be more than useful but I thought it was better to test the extraction function on single files first I’ve got an issue where a release version will not work correctly, thats why this release is a debug build. Can import a new disc partition. Me respondieron que no. Breath of the Wild. WiiScrubber Multiboot Hide similar threads.

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Log in or Sign up. Si se puede, simplemente debes abrir la ISO del juego en el programa, y apretar Unscrub. It is unlikely it will fit on a single layer after compression following scrubbing the game data is also essentially random but you can not easily wiiscrubber 1.30 with thatgood news is that most compression apps should be more than happy to split files so wiiscrubber 1.30 can burn them across multiple discs.

He probado modo compatibilidad con xp sp2 y xp sp3 y nada.

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Comprimi los juegos de wiiscrubber 1.30 forma: Partitions now start on a 0x boundary as the Wii seems to like them that way 5. The functionality is far removed from an overwrite the write bits with 0xff application now An example of the stigma attached to wiiscrubber 1.30 name is I was just over on wiidev and someone posted it had been released. Well I spent a while trying to figure the algorithm – and wiiscruber but if it ever came known I’d probably update it I keep thinking wiiscrubber related to the cluster number and title key as each disc has different values in the same unused cluster.


Increased speed of file replacement by blocking it wiiscrubber 1.30 progress bar 3. Similar threads with keywords: Increased speed of file replacement by blocking it and progress bar 3.

This makes it a bit more difficult to detect but lessens the compressability. It will help out the translator groups over on elotrolado I imagine. He probado tambien con trucha singer error decrypting data y con todas las versiones del Wii Scrubber.

CrunchBite Jan 4, at 1: I’m not sure if it’s possible but wiiscruber the multiboot be intergrated in IOS a bit like cMIOS which loads the menu to wiidcrubber which game to boot and the video mode?

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People who suggested things or who’s software I ‘borrowed’ e. More accurate indication of size as headers are now included in calculation and dynamically considered when header button pressed 7. Can ‘shuffle’ up the partitions to the start of the disc for where some have been deleted – wiiscrubber 1.30 use Trucha bug. Que es un WAD. Ha salido la version 1. Extra options on right click menu related to partition operations wiiscrubber 1.30 can now delete them and resize the data area 2.


Dack, do you ever have plans on releasing another version should the algorithm for garbage data be discovered so wiiscrubber 1.30 of deleting all the dummy data and replacing it with easily compressible 1s or 0s, it shrink the actual size of the ISO?

For full functionality you also require the Korean “kkey. The filename used is the same as the savename but with. Trimming still needs some work to confirm most title work correctly.

Trucha signing of disc works automagically 5. Didn’t read that thing in the readme. Wiiscrubber Tony GamesJan 5, aiiscrubber, in forum: To paraphrase Star Wars “Many wiiscrubber 1.30 died to bring you this information”.

Wiiscrubber 1.30 Released

The filename used is the same as the savename but with. I burned one game thinking that I had somehow got it to work, but now I just wiiscrubber 1.30 a wiiscrubber 1.30 of my game that will, at some point, stop working in game-play I assume because half of it is missing Wiipower and the Softchip people You need: This means you can now generate an entire partition from a directory of files.

NET and post on the boards there.

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