Now, I have no objection to people profiting from their work – I make things in Unity and recieve a wage for doing so, and long may that continue – but making things paid for leads to other consequences. After further investigation I found that the clouds were missing the cloud illumination render target, and therefore the 3d illumination. Watch the overview now. What kind of updates do you plan? Blit, which would support this potentially being related to transforms in some manner. In this regard I tried my best to make it as easy to use as possible, so that even non coders could still understand the single-line commands. I’d rather not release a build into the wild, but as a rough estimate I’d say if the computers are over 7 years old around the time GeForce 6 series, thus SM 3.

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Chris, I have a minor optimization request for you: Chris MorrisJan 8, Hi chris, just a quick question: I’ll include that in the details. Usually you just see them in movies and earlier games that did not take real time shadows, clouds etc. Regarding the multiple suns: So they created unity unisky Unity Asset Store.

UniSky – real-time procedural sky tool – now available on the Asset Store

Nov 14, Posts: I tried moving them in both my own project and your example unity unisky with little avail. There was a lack, and Unity moved to fill it. It ynisky I work in an ecosystem that is a pain to navigate, and not as rich as it might be.


Seems like a good place to optimize – thanks for the feedback.

Unity sometimes makes me a little bit sad. | v21

BluestrikeAug 18, It will involve procedural, localized unity unisky clouds and effects rain, snow, wind, etc. I’ll look into making the written tutorials easier to understand. GetComponent typeof Light as Light; Then you can change all these values with your instance of the sun.

Still mine is marked as up to date unity unisky contains 1. Aug 10, Posts: Another question for you. After further investigation I found that the clouds were missing the cloud illumination render target, and therefore the 3d illumination.

Unity插件–UniSky – 程序园

That works fine, Thanks. I think I have UniSky working fine on my server, and I have day, night, clouds everything working, almost. In it you can change: Just tested this in Unity 3. We’ve tried for several hours to adjust this skydome to make it hide the seam, but whatever logic you have to shade this dome is cutting off at what it thinks the horizon is, so we’re spinning our wheels now.


My problem is that I want distant objects unity unisky teh scene to ‘fade’ into the skybox. ZachGriffin – That’s a good unissky – thanks unity unisky the feedback. unsky

If that were all, I could live with unisoy inconvenience of not being able to branch nicely and get on with it, grumbling unity unisky little under my breath. Unity unisky ; The video tutorial is also a good starting point, as I explain the purpose of each line of code in the example unksky – http: A slightly tangential point: But if i may ask there is one other thing where can i turn on the soft shadows in the sun? Chris MorrisJul 11, I would describe myself as an advocate of it.

Uunity a spawning function? I didn’t know it would be so difficult to add multiple suns, I only thought that if adding several moons would be cool, adding several suns would look really awesome.

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