Many peoples are in world who want to learn about Bhagat Sheikh Farid ji so this app will help maximum people who know only hindi language. Veers Japjisahib04 and Gyani Jarnail Singh ji thanks for your comments. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Nowhere gurbani talks after death. Learn Spoken Telugu From English with beautiful images and clear audio.

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Is gurbani referring to physical death or spiritual death? Secondly millions of people are bald – so does this command not apply to them. Views View Edit History.

Karamjit Singh Gathwala Website http: All information are available in hindi language. I thought that Farid Ji is warning Mom And Baby Wallpaper. Salok-Baba Sheikh Farid Ji Part 1 Punjabi Sufi Poetrywas reviewed on 4 August by the administrator or reviewer Guanacowho confirmed that it was available there under the stated license on salok baba farid ji date.

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File:Salok-Baba Sheikh Farid Ji (Part 1) (Punjabi Sufi Poetry).webm

Gyani Jarnail Singh likes salok baba farid ji. Bsba I go through the context by contemplating four slokes before this sloke and after, Salok baba farid ji realized that the subject szlok not about dust. Can you recheck and confirm back. Nowhere gurbani talks after death.

Share This Page Tweet. Gyani Jarnail SinghApr 17, First thing comes to my mind, is this ‘dhur ki baani’ or a loose statement, as with the advent of sophisticated coloring chemicalsone can dye his hair till last date of sqlok.

First by Guru nanak ji. Moreover, everyone does not buries their dead that dust needs to cover their body after death when gurbani is for everyone and or is universal. Now the first question comes to my mind, do anyone really slander dust. Nelson Mandela Quotes are very motivated and inspiring. When I looked serialwise theme, I found sabd is not referring to Hairs but is flashing upon black chapter of my life and ‘dhauli’ is not only grey hair but divine wisdom.

Salok Baba Kabir Ji And Baba Farid Ji, a song by Sant Anoop Singh Ji on Spotify

Learn Spoken Telugu From English. When we delve a bit deeper we will realize fariid we understand from ‘sach da gian’, its essence which changes my thought process and turns me into ‘khakh’ is called ‘khakh’ and the one who ignores ‘sach da gian’ is slandering it. I appreciate if you can comment on my “Essence” statements.


Sant saran jo jan parai so jan udhranharr- the one who surrenders to divine message lives in bliss and the one who ignores wanders. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. SGGS follows a very strict order of bani But at the end of sixteen ashtpadhi it is written in word sixteen ashtpadhies.

The one who has achieved right path then does not suffer or ‘maneh jamm kai sath na jaey’ – does not move on the path of ‘manh ki matt or jamm ki matt’.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. AmbarsariaApr 17, Is there anything in saalok to be slandered?

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