Shapes can be created using RayFire Trace object. Fixed bug for Demolition Depth Ration feature. Various Fixes and Speed improvements. In next build it will be possible to add new Materials in preset. Fixed bug with different resolutions and hidder floater. Fixed bug with Bomb’s range visualization.

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Significantly reduced “popcorn” effect for PhysX simulations. In current build fragments converts to Editable Mesh and back to Editable Poly which prevents file corruption.

Will be added back later. New features in version 1. Interactive Demolition by Velocity.

New feature in this build is Shatter modifier. Changed Fragmentation by Shapes feature. Advanced Slice modifier with all features You may need. New “Remove PhysX modifier” tool in Tools menu. Three types of glue available. Minor build version now can be seen in the title.

CGTalk | RayFire for 3ds Max – released

Removed “Demolish group” feature. Physx plugin by itself is unable to simulate concave animated objects Concave geometry suport by defauilt only exists for static objects.


RayFire will interactively update Impact Objects list when Rayfjre select objects. Automatically rayfire 1.58 Bomb object: Set it to 0 to apply Material ID automatically. Fragment, destroy, demolish, wreck, break down, wreak havoc, blow up, burst, detonate, explode and do other similar things you rayfire 1.58 always dreamed of to do in Max… RayFire Technical Demonstration Youtube Download RayFire customer showreel Youtube Download Go to RayFire website. Objects less than defined value will not rayfife added in simulation.

Remove angle threshold spinner – defines maximum angle for two edge which shares middle edge vertex. For instance, Rayvire with iterations fragments box seconds. Fixed Deformable objects feature.

Production Proven

Selected Elemets Only checkbox for Voronoi modifier. Ability to use biped as unyileding object in reactor simulation.

Bake animation checkbox – bake fragments in case impact object has animation. Autodesk rayfire 1.58 Max and probooleans now, and PhysX is now in Maya also, so can this actually be compiled for Maya?

RayFire 1.58 plugin (Destroy, Demolish, Wreck) for 3ds Max 2009 – 2013 has been released.

If you already have scene with set up, make rayfire 1.58 you have the same materials after update. Allows you to glue objects together and break connection between rayfire 1.58 during simulation. Groups simple fragments into more complex clusters. Fill Gayfire checkbox – let You create objects which fill rifts. Uses pivot point as center and local Z axis as direction. Pay attention that spinner works in conjuction with Collision tolerance spinner. RayFire marks Bomb objects.


Current RayFire Bullet v1 build supports only Rigid Body simulation, it allows to use the same dynamic simulation features supported by PhysX engine, except Constraints. Includes one year of support and maintanance. RayFire Cache Maya Full license provides access to latest build.

I have never witnessed a faster development cycle of a production tool outside of a studio. Mir, Same with me, only version 1.

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