When human consciousness shifts… a new paradigm arises. In , increasingly captivated by this subject, I moved to San Francisco for graduate studies in Indian Philosophy under Dr. As between any two languages, such as French and German, translation is needed to render information given in one language comprehensible in the other. A Hypothesis the New Zealand neurophysiologist Dr. All that night I lay awake in the dark, moving from sound to sound within my head, as they rose and fell almost with a volition of their own.

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To my amazement, the tones were not unlike the cricket sounds heard in the Austin hill country at night that had become audible only as we became silent. Avant-pop hits the dancefloor with a kaleidoscopic mix of techno, psychedelia and disco. Here we got creation and dissolution in the microcosm. In these works on the doctrine of vibration, stress is laid on the importance of experiencing Spanda, the vibrating energy of consciousness, in various ways through various methods and techniques, in order to cultivate a growing interconnection with the primal vibrating energy of the universe itself.

It was a compilation of work by Annie Besant and C. As I stated earlier, it was at specific points in space within my cranium, that from time to time a tone would arise with exponential sharpness high above quanta vibratory fields background level, and become a bright tone of pure frequency, like a beacon, upon which if I quanta vibratory fields able to focus for any sustained few moments, would become markedly louder with an accompanying intense tactile sensation.

Ion Driver, Quanta — Vibratory Fields

Intelligence rides on electromagnetic waves, quanta vibratory fields on light; two forces acting like one, ultimately working together!

Strictly speaking, a signal is a function of time. The resting atom has within it the perpetually vibrating atomic solar systems. The importance of Steiner’s emphasis on this ninety-degree relationship between etheric and astral energy is reinforced when mapped upon Teilhard de Chardin’s observations on radial and tangential psychic energies.


This experience resulted in a major paradigm shift from my previous formed materially scientific understanding of the universe. Whereas Brahmanical Vedic religious practice was exclusive to males of a specific social caste, the Tantra practices offered a lowering of such barriers and came to incorporate not only women and members of societies prohibited from Vedic worhsip, but also came to incorporate those elements of non-Vedic culture that were experienced to be of particular value and efficacy.

Chaudhuri spoke of the need for a less academic, more “integral” approach to any particular area of knowledge. Undoubtedly one of the most in-demand producers in the scene, Gantz innovates and causes dancefloor ruckus in equal measure; Innamind Recordings are excited to be releasing another pair of gargantuan riddims from the Turkish badman for their fifth record.

This occurred near Hamilton’s Pool, a small grotto fed by a creek along an ancient crack in the earth called the Balcones Fault. Pandit, Studies in the Tantras and the Veda, Madras: However, the signal can be described equally well in terms of spectral or frequency information.

Quanta vibratory fields is connected to everything else; this is what in Buddhist thought is called: Between time and quanta vibratory fields, the translation is effected by the Fourier series and the Fourier integral. There remains only one question – how to set to work to develop such faculties for this purpose. Brill, The brain’s electromagnetic field represents an integrated electromagnetic field representation of distributed neuronal information and has dynamics that closely map to those expected for a correlate of consciousness.

While it may be understood broadly as a deep historical stream of evolving Indian cultural-religious exploration, it also appears to be a compilation of “what works” using the human body, consciousness, and the physical universe to modify consciousness to gain ever richer metaphysical experiences and knowledge of reality.

For example video images in time and space are converted into frequency patterns using a Fourier transform algorithm that has been encoded in silicon chips and that are then transmitted via digital internet and reassembled at the receiving end using a “fast Fourier transform” to unpack the frequency information and transform it into time-space images on a video monitor.


And it is in the magnetic astral that we develop supersensible perception of the vast new territories of conscious realities described by Quanta vibratory fields practitioners, a mode of perception that is inaccessible to the electrical nervous system of the etheric body, as it normally functions in modern society.

A Hypothesis the New Zealand neurophysiologist Dr. Anthroposophic Press, Fagg of The Catholic University of America, has written extensively on “how a fuller realization of quanta vibratory fields pervasion of electromagnetic phenomena might inform our perception of God’s immanence and in turn color the approach of theologians of nature in dealing with that immanence. Never Do That feat.

The Vibrating Universe; Ancient and Modern Thoughts | Atha Yoga

Though the two operate simultaneously vibraotry interpenetrate everywhere at 90 degrees and so do not interfere with one another, however as electromagnetic fields they are intermixed so as to be undifferentiable.

The center of gravity of our consciousness remains largely centered within this avatar-like etheric electric body, masking the deeper levels which are to be developed through Tantric exercises for acquisition of supersensible perception.

I fielsd the reader will begin to see some of the dots connect quanta vibratory fields the conclusion of this essay. That is, water throughout the entire region of the cerebral cortex is thought to be composed of many macroscopic water molecules whose sizes are all comparable to the auanta length of the QBD vacuum, that is, about 50 microns.

Around the middle of the 9th century C. Enig’matik Records Coolum Beach, Australia. Vibratory Fields by Quanta.

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