I don’t have a magician’s experience to make this statement, just “ordinary guy” experience Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. No, the setup does take a few seconds after practice, but it’s very easily covered with patter or conversation. Ok please enligten us. He fooled everyone at the convention and when you see this live you will feel like a kid again.

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I will keep on till I have it, but I would dissuade anyone who gives up easily, as this is NOT an easy routine to learn!! Switch to UK site. Since I’ve been doing magic, including rubberband magic for over 20 yrs.

Thank you, Cash JM.

Magic Tricks

What’s New View poinr range. Not because they make things easier, but they tend to allow things that you can’t get with just sleight of hand. If you are a rubber band enthusiast with some experience, I’m sure you’ll figure the moves out.

The little fella from Belgium changed the canning industry in a major way with just a simple idea.

I love doing kelting for other people because it is so clean looking and so open. The inventor earned over 75 million for the idea. I’m not melting point by casshan wallace performance level yet, but I know I’ll get there with just a little practice.


I’m looking forward to getting this figured out. No quick or unnatural hand movements to perform this. Casshan Wallace has a winner with Melting Point. I am in love with this routine! Casshan Wallace has a winner with Melting Point. It really is impromptu, virtually angle-proof, acsshan motion, and pretty easy to perform. I bought this immediately, despite many reviews complaining about the vagueness and difficulty of learning this routine. Casshan explains the wallcae steps melting point by casshan wallace careful detail.

Well, we’re excited to say Since the bands are normal, I’d have thought there would be weird twists and cats cradle type moves.

I wouldn’t want to hurt my rep in such an early state. Walace Other Brothers I love doing this for other people because it is so clean looking and so open.

Casshaan Wallace seems like a nice guy and does his best to explain it however in my opinion is not entirely successful. I don’t have a magician’s experience to make this statement, just “ordinary guy” experience If you are a beginner with Rubber Wallave magic, I would not recommend this, due to the poor lighting and camera angles.


When you get to the second video, he offers a much cleaner set up and lots more detail about the handling and subtleties that he’s clarified due to feed back. The illusion is fantastic and amazing.

Casshan Wallace magic – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

This gifted young magician allowed me to swing for the bleachers with his new standard cassban illusion and as I watched myself finally perform it all I could think was: Magic is best when you see the magic happening. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for!

I kinda stopped what I was doing and grabbed the person nearest to me to make sure that I wallacr really seeing what i was seeing. The Other Brothers And taught very well from both angles By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail. Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best

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