Save everything in Autodesk Inventor. I am still new to Revit so some confirmation of whether it is in fact possible or whether I am wasting my time will be great. Login to Give a bone. There are some minor issues with the glass balustrade element geometry. You can exit Autodesk Inventor.

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Obviously not all geometrical cases are properly handled during the creation of escalator revit family Autodesk Inventor model. The dimensions for all this come straight out of Kone’s specs for this escalator series. The next steps are in Autodesk Revit. Usually you do not want to export the shaft materials. Does anybody know whether it is possible to create a escalator with parameters, so that one familu adjust the height and length, including the handrails by entering, say only the length, thus keeping the slope constant?

Last edited by Wes Macaulay; at Do you have the one from the Revit Web Escalator revit family The Run can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees and the Landings can be setup separate from each other. Escalator Visibility By brian.


Do this for all escalators and probably other objects. The advanced parametric functionality allows you to adjust the Height of Balustrade independently for the Landings as well the Run and you can even adjust the exact start position for each side separate. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Save everything revkt Autodesk Inventor. Nevertheless it seemed that the results is sufficient.

Escalator-Travelator | Revit Content

I am glad to see these things are possible. Yes, I do, but not an adjustable one.

The guards are glass extruded in elevation, and their outline escalator revit family the picked path for the handrail sweeps. This first result looks pretty good. You can set an Angle where the Steps switch automatically to a Conveyer Belt which transforms this amazing optimized Revit Family seamless from an Escalator for example with 30 degrees or 35 degrees to a Travelator Conveyer.

I guess one will still have to add or remove treads. The steps are a separate family loaded in and arrayed. Thanks for sharing Wes.


There are some minor issues with the glass balustrade element geometry. Gevit are now ready to export your escalator group as an adsk file. In some respects this family isn’t hard, but I recall some trouble getting the handrails to model out correctly. But I still can’t get the the rest of the thing to adjust correctly.


This is a fantastic escalator! Or of course an explanation of how to do it.

9300®AE Escalator

Its great to see that anything escalator revit family possible. There is no escalatot delivery date for that update. Open topic with navigation. Click “Ignore” escaalator all boxes. There is no delivery date for the fix. I built one a while back; you can try it out. The fully parametric Balustrade gives you 3 free adjustable Elements to setup exactly the Escalator or Travelator Conveyer you need. It seem to work OK.

Inventor Update Errors appear.

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