With DVS being one of the best the UK has to offer and with these colloborations also including the most highly rated rappers this is definitely going to be a mixtape not to miss out on. So with each track, comes a different style and flavour. London Boy American Dreaming is out now, buy from iTunes. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: See Through Soul is a hard-hitter about life. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

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He messed things up, but in a real good way, obviously [laughs]. This site uses cookies. Did you have any concern that they or your other guests would have maybe tried to upstage you? I felt as though I really needed to focus on the music. I feel like everyone has had a chance but me.

No heavy beat, just a piano, my voice and a guitar.

DVS – London Boy American Dream (Mixtape – Buy Here)

The much-loved street poet took some time out to speak with Ellis Earl about the thinking behind the project, which lands on iTunes today, as well as a detailed breakdown of his top three tracks featured on the tape.

The hip-hop nation demands respect. Then again that comes with anything in life; you have to sometimes work hard and make sacrifices.

Is there a familiar sound with LBAD to your other works, or should fans be expecting a new style from yourself? Wretch just came on and destroyed the track! Music this year was great at times, but very stale at others–and even then, the great music ….


This will help the guys get recognition out in the US and should be bigger for them than A jungle of surprises [laughs].

The Secret is To Keep it Real: An Interview with London Rapper DVS | RESPECT.

The thing about me is that I never try too hard. The title of your new project, London Boy American Dreamingis fairly self-explanatory. Liverpudlian rapper Tremz is one to watch out for. The much-loved street poet took some time dvs london boy american dreaming mixtape to speak with Ellis Earl about the thinking behind the project, which lands on iTunes today, as well as a detailed breakdown of his top three tracks featured on the tape.

Make sure u go check the NotionMagazine article notionmagazine. Here in the UK, we have a few as well; there are loads of talented people. I like the old skool Versace. He messed bly up, but in a real aemrican way, obviously [laughs]. This is due to be an huge anthem for the radio, clubs and festivals. When was the last time you cried? There are no features on this particular track, as I felt it would be best delivered from myself, solo.

Project Breakdown: DVS – London Boy American Dreaming

Secondly, what they consider to be the American dream is actually what we are living over here — a lot of people can relate to it. But yeah, the mixtape is available on iTunes [ buy here ]. He releases visuals to The Intro from the tape for our viewing pleasure…. We spoke with the rhymester to reflect on his londob, dwell on his music, and discuss present state of rap.


Welcome to the drexming old school.

He really deserves to do well as his consistency and quality of work has always remained solid. I have a theory that your mixtape, London Boy American Dreamingis actually your memoir.

The Brixton-born rapper is nothing if not determined and that bravado is what people love about him, along with the kind of attachment that goes with treading the line between his sharp, deadpan wit, and personal experiences from his years growing up on the streets.

I never can dreaminy it when people are frightened. Real reality music, none of this skinny jean-style rapping [laughs]. Produced by Steel Banglez, who also produced the first one, it has a similar laid-back instrumental-based production.

I think they should just take the time and listen.

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