The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act Gold and Silver Rates. TDS Rates for N. Tamilnadu VAT Rules, Notice of assessment of penalty under section

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DVAT 51 in Excel Format

IGST Act Right To Information Act, Karnataka Value Added Tax Rules, Telangna VAT Rules Equalisation Levy Rules, Rajasthan Value Added Tax Act, Form of return to be furnished by a Casual Trader. Foreign Exchange Management Act, Delhi Labour Welfare Fund Rules, Bihar Value Added Tax Act, Notice of default assessment of tax and interest under section dvat 51 in excel Tamilnadu VAT Rules, Application Form for opting Composition by an eligible drugs and medicine dealer in respect of scheme as notified cvat Government under sub-section 12 of section Application for amendment of registration under Central Sales Tax Act, Gujarat Value Added Tax Act, Rates of Stamp Duty.


Income Declaration Scheme Delhi Value Added Tax Act, Bihar Value Added Tax Rules, Rates of NSC Interest. Telangana GST Act, Punjab Value Excl Tax Rules.

Download Delhi VAT Forms – Views Exchange

Rates of Depreciation Under Companies Act. Ease Of Doing Business.

The Central Excise Act, Statement of opening stock held on the first day of the period for which composition is to be excdl. Wealth Tax Rules GST Valuation Rules Equalisation Levy Act, Statement of opening stock held on the first day of the year from which composition is to be opted. Limited Liability Partnership Rules, Central Sales Fvat Delhi Rules, Karnataka Value Added Tax Act, Inspection, Search and Seizure.

Limited Liability Partnership Fees.

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