Feb 24, Posts: The problem is that I can not uninstall the program without the password which is not recognized. The need to feel secure probably explains the surplus of encryption software available. You can view the full scan logs below. Truecrypt turned out to be truecrypt. Sometimes I use the encryption offered by Glary Utilities. If they are too large, you can split them with Winrar.

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Detailed logs

Is the firewall creating any problem? After clicking hide the files will be hidden and only can be seen when you enable show hidden folders option in the folder settings tool After trying the others, I decided on dirlock v1.4 Cryptarchiver winencrypt.

Net Framework on my machine you says in your post that it is necessary for this program to run.

If you want to unhide it, Select Folder and Click “Unhide”. Dirloc can download it from the internet. FrenchoSep 5, When dir,ock in C dirlock v1.4 can browse around the Windows files in E, delete and modify them and dirlock v1.4. When you title your article with 7 free apps, atleast me expects to finally find that one unique article that gives me the alternatives to overhyped commercial default choices to give them a tough competition, to compel them to reconsider what they think is value for money.


Freeware Folder Hiding software suggestions

The Vault you noted uses container type encryption. Or any registry guard software? Would it not be enough to just deny access to the folder s? I ask because the topic was too techy for me. Thanks Hi GreenWhite ; I will also check it out. Cryptainer is a near twin to Cryptainer. I had to try encrypting and hiding my files. The software is available for WindowsXP, dirlock v1.4, Dirlok from here. The free version has a secured drive size limitation dirlock v1.4 20MB and a bothersome nag screen which appears after dielock days.

But everything of course depends on the kind of security level you want.

For hiding your file by Windows just go to the file and right click on that. I have downloaded The Vault and keen on giving it a spin. I think folder Lock is a very good software to hide folders from others. EncryptionOnline PrivacySteganography. dirlock v1.4

The locked folder disappears from view and cannot be accessed by anyone without the password. Wed Sep 26 To Saikat To answer your questions. How can I hide my files and folder like windows system files? Almost all users rely on their computer to store confidential or private files, data that they do not want other people to get access to.


Well malwares are actives only when windows is active, the possibility to spread from dirlock v1.4 partition to another is not common. Whoever thinks of using dirlock v1.4 freeware that works on 1mb files.

Which is the best software in Windows to secure the files and hide it from the system?

dirlock v1.4 Nov 23, Posts: You can hide folders, for example by hooking the native windows api, from userland or kernel, but that’s rootkit behavior, and sure not what we want.

To sum up, DirLock may not be a feature-packed encryption tool that dirlock v1.4 your most private files, but it can perform basic locking for folders thus offering users more control over their items. Now making invisible one booting sector while the other is booted and working is hard to find a satisfying soft. But as stated earlier I am still waiting on a new hdd for which I will use TrueCrypt again.

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