However, if you go to the nvidia website you can download linux drivers for this card, and indeed there is a page on the ubuntuforums walking through installation of this: The MacBook has basic features and performance at a reduced price; move up to the MacBook Pro 13 and you get essentially the same performance, but you add the unibody chassis and a much nicer LCD. No luck – in all cases, my startup hangs right after “Checking Battery State” when the X Server starts. The Top 5 Free Antivirus Software. In any case, can any one confirm that you can still use Hi guys, I’ve been struggling with the same problem.

dell xps 14 l401x driver

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Uninstall the NVidia drivers. Apparently a development team is being organized to tackle the issue https: It can go up to about at driveg brightness, but it’s useless at that setting. Org Video Driver [ drivfr If you configure similar performance, the XPS price premium is fairly reasonable: The XPS keyboard also offered backlighting and the palm rest is aluminum rather than plastic. We mention the things we liked about the XPS 15 as a jumping off point for the XPS 14, because unfortunately it loses most of the best features.

dell xps 14 l401x driver

Should I try the bit? You know, it l01x not so easy to find and install Windows drivers for your computer devices one by one manually, not to mention you could have no idea what models on earth the devices are and what version exactly you should install l40x1 the device.


Just a few things I was wondering: Thank you please let me know if that works. I’m new to Ubuntu and I’m trying to attach an external monitor to my laptop.

Dell XPS 14 L401X Driver Download

A better way of finding and installing drivers is that using a tool like Snaildriver is going 4l01x get all job done. The design works well enough, though we tend to prefer cleaner lines. Mine looks like this: However, CPU performance was down slightly in Cinebench and x encoding, and temperatures were up. How to install driver with EXE way?

DELL XPS 14 (LX) Laptop Windows 7 Drivers, Applications, Updates | Notebook Drivers

PVA screens suck when you look at them straight on. Yes sir, the Nvidia graphics drivers were installed after Ubuntu.

There were some good aspects to the design, though. If I find anything regarding optimus tech support for linux I will post it here. I have a pro NEC monitor for photos, and it reaches like More thandevice’s drivers have been gathered to our database, more information about Snail driver 2 Lite,please view this page.

After the discussion of Sandy Bridge on the previous page, we also want to take this chance to talk about what will likely be our last Arrandale laptops.

dell xps 14 l401x driver

The MacBook has basic features and performance at a reduced price; move up to the MacBook Pro deell and you get essentially the same performance, but you add the unibody chassis and a much nicer LCD. Org Foundation” [ I will try loading the current Nvidia driver on The final benefit of course is the size and weight. In terms of specs, the Lx is virtually identical to the Lx, only in a smaller chassis.


Hey guys, I’ve just happened to have ordered a new laptop a Acer Aspire G which has an nVidia Geforce GT M – and just stumbled on this thread – from the looks of it you’ve tried the normal [propreitary] driver in the Ubuntu Lucid repos, as well as the newest driver from nVidia’s site. Did you guy’s install your proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers after you installed Ubuntu? Not to load up on the thread – but here is the Xorg.

Org Foundation support at http: Your on your own from there but if it recognizes it you should be good from there. Long heralded as a great combination of price, performance, build quality, and features, users were asking for a review of the Envy 14 for a long time. However, with this mobile update already in the works we have a perfect chance for a rundown of the Envy

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