Toss The Feathers R: It is really great to hear them play! It does sound different. One of the first tunes they taught us was the Clare version of Toss the Feathers. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could show me where to find it.

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Toss the Feathers

This tune is quite different from the more common Toss the Feathers reel, and we play them in a set, giving rise to lots of odd looks when someone asks, “Great tunes! Now, the session at the Small Circle takes place on a small “stage” built of plywood covered by vinyl flooring.

Listen to James Kelly playing the unusual Clare setting of the tune: I would greatly appreciate it if someone could show me where to find it. Better still you might learn by ear by asking a session player to play it for you slowly; that is a nice way corrs toss the feathers learn. This is the version that the Corrs play in this video https: Toss The Feathers R: If you are a member of The Session, log in to add a comment.


It does sound different.

Toss The Feathers (reel) on The Session

Tabs will appear and you click on “search”. A very good version of this tune, anyway. This is where you can convert abc to whistle tabs – a great tool: Let me know if you guys need the sheet music. On this side of the pond, both tunes are fairly widespread, but seems to me more people know the Em one.

I counted the notes. He was playing the fiddle at the time, thank god. In the box you type the name and, if you know clrrs rhythm, that too. Probably not – more likely to make “theirs” a mistake. Finally, go with the bluesy feel of that c natural in corrs toss the feathers D tune by sharping the G in the end phrase that comes around in each half: I hope this is some help to you. It is really great to hear them play! Membership is free, and it only takes a moment to sign up.

I believe Brogan composed this version of the tune. Where can I find the sheet music for the Corrs version for tin whistle? I have searched the web but can not find TAB for this tune. Click on tunes in the right hand side of the page. I heard this played in my local session as “Toss The Feathers 3”. I think on fiddle, Trevor, your version sounds overdone wheras the old one seems to fit like a glove – made for the fiddle I think. Matt and Shannon Heaton had started corrs toss the feathers a tune learning session at the Small Circle coffeehouse in Longmont.


Regardless, this is a lovely variation on a lovely tune. Tunes Recordings Sessions Events Discussions help contact links donate. I personally like playing it a little bit slowly. Fair weather and Full sails!

James Keane, who knew Brogan well, plays the tune doubled and with a slightly different B part. Kevin Feathees popularized the emin version, but most veterans know this setting as Toss the Feathers—especially in Clare. Kevin Burke rips through a tremendous version on his If the Cap Fits cd. If that cannot help you then perhaps a friend can help you.

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